Saturday, September 15, 2007

LUCY ! !! What did you buy ?!?!

Now Ricky, don't get mad -- I needed this stuff (not really) and it was on sale (nuh uh) -- and Ricky, Ricky, look what pretty things I'll be able to make --- and those Debbie Macomber books -- I just LOVE her books, Ricky -- don't make me send all this great stuff back -- Ricky, PLEEEEEEASE !!!!!!!! You can take it out of my allowance, I'll budget, Ricky, I promise I will ........................

As our heroine continues to whine and beg (a scene all too familiar when it comes to "splaining" my excessive quilt/craft related purchases) let me tell you about all this fun stuff that the mail person (sometimes it's a guy, sometimes it's a gal) brought to my mailbox this week. First is "Living the Dream" quilting, stitchery, scrapbooking book from Leanne's House. I just LOVE her stuff -- she's one of the talented designers from Australia. Next, there's another quilt pattern booklet (also has wool applique projects and punchneedle projects and pillow, and loads of cute, cute stuff) from Need'l Love called Daylily Days. Then there's that darling pattern from Vanilla House Designs "French Laundry" -- isn't that the cutest clothes pin holder!?! (after all, if your going to hang out your dingy socks and underwear, you might as well add a bit of class to the whole scene !) OK, on to our next item --- the "Quick Yo-Yo Maker" from Clover. I can't wait to try this out -- I love making yo-yo's , and this looks like it'll make the whole process go a bit faster. I'll let you know after I get a chance to take it for a spin. My final purchase for the week (well, maybe) are those great Debbie Macomber books -- Can't wait to start reading (although I'm not quite sure when that's gonna happen!)

So....... in conclusion ...... this online shopping is FUN, FUN, FUN !!! but it's killing my budget !!!!(as it stands now, I've probably taken advances on my "allowance" until the year 2057 ..... oh well, I'll just go talk to my best friend Ethel and see if we can come up with some kind of hair brained money making scheme .) (P.S. I'm open to suggestions!)

Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Darlene said...

Lots of wonderful purchases! You might know I love Leanne's House designs - YUMMY! LOL

I am crazy about Debbie Macomber's books and have read the first two of that series - need to read the latest. You must read Susannah's Garden, too. Well, you must read all of her books!

Doe said...

You're so funny! Love all your loot especially Leanne's house designs.

Happy Zombie said...

OMG... I'm so gaga over Debbie Macomber. I just discovered her a few weeks ago. Now I walk around the house with my nose in one of her books. I just read Dakota Born. LOVED it. Now I'm on to the Cedar Cover "address books" series and have started the first one. I love it, love it, love it!

Nan said...

I so totally understand how easy it is to buy things online - way too easy! I do it quite often myself (all the time, the hubby says). Debbie Macomber seems to be the author of choice lately - I'm going to have to see why, won't I? I feel an online purchase coming on!!! LOL!
Love all the treasures you bought!