Monday, February 2, 2009

Lookie how PRETTY !!!!!!!!

Happy Groundhog Day Blogland Neighborhood !! Well, even though Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning and we'll have to slog through 6 more weeks of winter (and it's snowing ....again in Pa right this very minute ... yippee....) we here at MBIAJ Headquarters try to be cheerful .... and nothing helps cheer us up more than getting pretty stuff in the mail !!!! Just look what came on Saturday !!!!

......from Rachel of p.s.i quilt fame this adorably pretty mini quilt and fabric basket filled with ..... FABRIC and TEA and CHOCOLATE !!!!! What a perfectly PERFECT combination!!!! She sent me these wondrous goodies because I won one of her giveaway contests back in November (and poor silly girl has been stressing over trying to finish it and send it out to me by Christmas .... last Christmas ....sigh..... Rachel, Rachel, Rachel .... if you knew me better , as my family and college pals and local quilt shop cronies know me .... I am the absolute LAST person you should be stressing about/over re: getting a sewing project finished and in the hands of the recipient even remotely close to the time promised !!! ..... I'm on the 4 ---> 8 year I.O.U. Plan with all of my gift recipients ! ) See! No need for all that stress you sweet silly girl!!

OK ... here's a close up ....

....and here's where these pretty things are gonna live in my house .....

.....on the tables in my foyer so everybody can see how pretty they are the second they walk in the front door !

....pretty darn pretty, huh!!! That stuff sure does jazz up the foyer!

Thanks again Rachel !!!

Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Pat said... pretty....looks like that stuff was meant to be in your foyer!!!

Lisa Boyer said...

I just love peeks inside your beautiful house! Your colors and decorating are soooo pretty. I guess I'm just a voyeur at heart...that's me...Voyeur Boyer. Sigh...

rachel griffith said...

oh yayyy!!!
they look right at home!!!

i'm SO happy that you are SO happy!!!

enjoy them.
they were made JUST for you!!!

p.s. i love how you set the table topper on point to show off the binding.
{my fav part.}