Thursday, December 6, 2007

Trying to get with the program ....the Christmas program, that is....

It's beginning to look/feel a teeny,tiny bit like Christmas here at Moonbeams in a Jar .... now when I say "a teeny, tiny bit" -- that's a gross overstatement.... because those 2 ornaments I took pictures of are around ONLY because that snowman under glass I just bought at the local Hallmark store last Saturday (isn't he cute and 1950's-ish?!) -- and that second , goofy , flamboyant snowperson - ish ornament I bought last year and loved so much I hung him from the ceiling fan in The Very Pink Sewing Room to enjoy all year long (I want neon green maryjane ballet slippers and pink polka dot socks with a pink ruffle too !!! Doesn't he/she look like something out of Circe de Solei? which I'd LOVE to see -- hint, hint to any family members who are losing sleep over what they should get me for Christmas ..... )Oh -- and isn't that cute wrapping paper? I actually found that at Giant, the grocery store , last Saturday. I usually don't go for pastels too much for Christmas, but I just loved this stuff -- I think it looks kind of 1950's/1960's vintage . Anyhow -- all other Christmas ornaments, bows, swags, wreaths, boxes, wrapping paper, etc are still tucked away in the attic since last year. I'm gonna have to light a fire under my kazoo to climb up the attic ladder and start dragging that stuff down.

Let's see -- on the sewing/crafting front -- trying to finish up a long over due project (secret, secret) -- in addition to 2 lingering Christmas projects that are dying a slow death -- and , of course, in true MBIAJ (Moonbeams in a Jar)short attention span style, I'm itching to start another stitchery from a Christmas drawing/design I did either last year or the year before .... SHEESh!! could I be more distracted?!?

Anyhow -- talking about not having enough time to finish all my sewing projects in time for Christmas ..... LOOK at that pile of magazines!!! All of those are the Christmas/Holiday issues for THIS YEAR !!! I'm gonna need Christmas to stretch at least until Valentine's Day (2009) for me to have time to sit and leisurely read and enjoy all of those great magazines! --- Yet one more reason why all holidays , as proposed by MBIAJ Holiday Declaration Dept , should ALWAYS have a back up date !!!!

More posts to follow as the MBIAJ Decorating Dept becomes more and more frantic .... (and I've come to the conclusion that the elves will have to be fired -- year after year they just don't show up --- SHEESH!! You'd think we didn't offer them a very attractive benefits package!)

Well, gotta scurry along....

Mary Anne (aka Mare)


antique quilter said...

I love Christmas issues on magazines too! I have bought a few so far this year, can't beleive you bought this many!!!!!
ok so which ones are your favorites?
Love the snowman ornament under glass may just have to look for him for our home
just too cute!
Kathie in NJ

Red Geranium Cottage said...

That wrapping paper is sooooooo cute. Love your ornaments too. Better stop looking at those mags and get busy!!!

Nan said...

I love your word "distracted" - that's me too, at this time of year!! When I need my powers of concentration the most, I definitely don't have them!
The wrapping paper is very sweet and your ornaments are wonderfully festive! OMG, ALL those magazines! I think I would need several months to read them, too! Enjoy!!