Monday, December 3, 2007

(day 2) Hallothanksmas Pumpkin Garland instructions

OK -- here we are on "Day 2" of our "Hallothanksmas Pumpkin Garland instructions" saga. Let's see, where were we? Oh, we have to finish cutting out the pieces. So, there in the second picture are the 2 little rectangular strips that are cut out of the black fabric (do not double the fabric for these ). (and , sorry, I have to apologize for how the fabric just happens to blend in with my kitchen counter -- I didn't realize it until after I posted the picture.) Anyhow, I traced my patterns for these on the wrong side of the fabric just because it was easier to see. After you cut these 2 pieces out, tie a little single knot in the center of each one (these get sewn onto the medium pumpkin and the small pumpkin as you can see in the 5th picture -- just use the black pearl cotton to take a few stitches through the knot and tack it onto the front of the pumpkin).

Next, you need to cut out the "bow tie" pieces (picture #4). Again, I traced the pattern on the wrong side of the fabric to see it better. These are cut from a single thickness of fabric -- you need to cut 11.

Pumpkin stems: put 2 stem pieces together and sew around the sides and top with the black pearl cotton , using a running stitch. (you can also sew the stems and pumpkins together by machine if you'd rather do it that way.) You should have 1 small stem, 1 medium stem, and 5 big stems.

Small and medium pumpkins: layer the stem in between the back and front of the pumpkins. Stitch around the pumpkin with black pearl cotton, using a running stitch.

Big pumpkins: layer the stem and a vine in between the front and back of the big pumpkins ( also, for just 1 of the big pumpkins, layer 2 pieces of the black rick rack at the bottom of the pumpkin -- so it will dangle out of the bottom of the pumpkin -- I made one piece of rick rack 10" and one piece 11" -- but you can make them however long you want.) Stitch around the pumpkin with black pearl cotton, using a running stitch.

Adding the stars and buttons: on each big pumpkin, use a fabric glue stick to hold the star in place until you get it stitched on. Use the black pearl cotton and a running stitch and go through both layers of the pumpkin to stitch the star in place.
Using a x-stitch and the black pearl cotton, sew a white button onto the middle of the star -- stitch through both layers of the pumpkin.

Big pumpkin with rick rack dangle: sew a white button on the bottom of each piece of rick rack, using the black pearl cotton and a x-stitch.

OK -- I'm now falling asleep at my computer (I think I just typed half of these directions in my sleep -- SO, if they don't make sense and you have questions, please feel free to email me or post it in the comments.) -- We're closing in on the grand finale -- I can see light at the end of this tunnel!!(just in time for tomorrow --the "back up" date for last Friday's Hallowthanksmas holiday!)

Nighty night, everybody!

Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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