Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What a haul of great loot !!!!!!

OK -- so self control is not one of my strong points when I'm around fabric and books (and I'm sure there are a few other items I could add to that list, but I don't want you all to think I'm a totally out of control impluse shopper....) ANYHOW, here are pictures of the GREAT fabrics, etc, I got at The Old Country Store, and the quilt show.

The last picture shows 2 feed sacks from the 1930's and 3 embroidered squares that were part of a quilt at some point (also from about the 1930's) -- and some pretty, pretty balls of embroidery floss -- which are NOT from the 1930's but I just thought they looked like they belonged in this picture. This vendor also had tons of antique quilts, including an embroidered signature quilt that also looked to be from the 1930's -- I had to FORCE myself to turn and walk away !!! My credit card was burning in my hand !! I really, REALLY would have LOVED to get that antique signature quilt -- to own a quilt with real signatures from real people --- that quilt would be a treasure to own ! Anyhow, I was thinking that the feedsacks and embroidered squares would look cute as some sort of tote bags.

As you can see, I got lots and lots of fun and pretty fabric. I bought enough of the brown and turquoise stuff to maybe make a cute summer skirt or sundress !! (aren't I ambitious?! HA!) -- oh! and I know --- A MATCHING TOTE BAG !!!! Then my mind was also wandering to the possible aprons that could be made out of that cute rooster fabric and the 1930's reproduction stuff. --- and, of course, I'm dreaming ....... of all the quilts, quilts, quilts that my fairy godmother promised to help me make (she apparantly has been on vacation for quite awhile since my UFO pile is quite LARGE !)

And then -- there are the BOOKS !!! LOVELY quilt and rug hooking books AND the newest Jennifer Chiavarini Elm Creek quilt novel !! OH how I would LOVE a vacation to just loll around in all this fabric, and then sew it into wonderful things, and relax in a bubble bath and stroll through the pages of those books ........ BAM !!! (fairy godmother just smacked some sense into my head -- dang!) The reality is, I have to work, work, work to pay for all this stuff !!!! Well, ........ that stinks! (BIG SIGH............)

Mary Anne (aka Mare) P.S.) Just wanted to say the terrrible tragedy at Virginia Tech makes me realize how comforting quilting is -- a soft spot in a very rough world. My post today, I realize is frivolous in light of all the sad events, but I also hope it provides just a bit of fun to help lighten hearts -- maybe just a little.


Darlene said...

Wow, that's a great haul. There's a piece of fabric in that haul that I'm coveting. LOL

Enjoy your new treasures!

Busy Little Quilter said...

You did a good job shopping!