Friday, April 13, 2007

TAGGED !! (by the "Old Bag" )

I'm thrilled to tell you that I've been "tagged" for the "Thinking Blogger" list by Jenny (aka "Old Bag , New Tricks"). With this little game of "tag" you're supposed to list your 5 favorite , fun, inspirational blogs that you love to visit. I told Jenny that I was speechless that she listed me as one of her 5 !! (and for me to be speechless is definately BIG !) THANK YOU JENNY !!!

Now, I get to tag 5 more people/blogs for the "Thinking Blogger" award. First of all, this is too hard to narrow it down!! See that list of "Fun Blogs" to visit -- over there on the right--> Well, they're all GREAT !!! (and I'm apologizing ahead of time if my links don't work !! -- I'm still new at the linking thing -- but this should give me some good practice!)

1) First , I'm tagging my buddy Amanda She and I got to know each other from Pat Sloan's Yahoo quilting group. Amanda and I both just recently started blogging -- we email each other back and forth when one of us figures out how to do something (like "links" for instance) -- I must say Amanda has definately figured things out and helped me more than I've been able to help her! Thanks Amanda ! Now everyone run over there and check out her fun blog !

2) Speaking of Pat Sloan I'm tagging her !! (and I know she's gonna want to strangle me because she's busy, busy, busy getting ready to leave on her Ireland trip next week and may not have time to play tag--- ) BUT she has a GREAT blog and it definately qualifies as a "Thinking Blog" -- full of fun pictures, quotes and ideas. (not to mention great quilts ,etc that she designs). Go see for yourself !

3)Next on my list is Joanna from Fig Tree Quilts. She also has GORGEOUS quilt designs and fabric. She's a new blogger too -- but, like Amanda, has figured out the technical stuff much better than me !! Now run along and see her beautiful blog !!

4) Here's another new blogger Doe (That Silly Lil Doe) Is she making some GREAT quilts or what !!! and hasn't she gotten the hang of this blogging thing pretty darn quick ! Go see !

5) Another very talented gal, (quilter, crafter, blogger ) is Kathy at Pink Chalk Studio . Quick like a bunny, hop over and check out her blog !

Well, I'm hoping all of these links worked so that you all can see what I see when I visit these fun, creative , inspirational blogs ! ENJOY !!

Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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