Friday, April 6, 2007

Decorating Easter eggs (of the wooden variety)

Evan and his buddy, Tyler, took time out of their busy schedule (dirt bike riding, and video game playing) to help me with a little egg painting. These are those cute wood eggs that you can buy at any craft store. (coloring eggs of the real , edible variety is on the agenda for tomorrow). Anyway, as you can see from picture #2 (or at leastI hope it gets posted as #2) the kids' attention span for egg painting was rather short lived when dirt bike riding beckoned them back outside ( and it wasn't even a nice day for it -- it's FREEZING COLD here in northeast Pa !) (note half painted eggs and sweet messages painted on the paper towels eg. "Evan has no brain. DUH !" that one was compliments of Tyler. Evan's charming note that he painted on the paper towel was :"Tyler is ......" the rest I couldn't read -- which is probably a good thing.) Anyhow, after I was left with some peace and quiet, I finished painting some polka dots on the eggs --- and I think I'll add that rick rack --- I think it looks kind of cute.

OK --now here's my "linking" debut .... Check out these cute fabric Easter eggs on Olive Juice Co.

Did I do that right? Huh? Huh?

Mary Anne
(aka Mare)


Unknown said...

Hmm Mary Anne, it didn't want to work for me. You got the link thing right, well done, but it just didn't want to open for me. Glad you enjoyed my find though. I found it scrolling through blogs... when I should have been sewing. Love your eggs.
Happy Easter.

Busy Little Quilter said...

The link to Olive Juice didn't work for me either. However, your eggs are adorable.

Don't feel bad about the "link" thing. I can't figure out how to let everyone else know that I have a blog. Go figure!