Monday, April 16, 2007

Lancaster trip -- Day #2 (the quilt show !)

Well, in spite of the threat for a nor'easter , Mother Nature held out long enough for me to spend a good chunk of Sunday at the Quilter's Heritage Show in Lancaster (she must be a quilter !) Here are some pictures of one of the vendor booths (the bottom 2 pictures) -- I just love her quilts -- very "cottage - y" (is that a word?)

The rest of the pictures are of some of the quilts displayed at the show -- GORGEOUS !!!!

Well, hope Mother Nature wasn't too cranky in your neck of the woods (we were without power all day today -- which also meant no water or flushing toilets -- we have a well and septic system which is run by electricity -- soooooo, if the electricity is out, we're REALLY out of luck!! Nothing like taking a "bird bath" in the sink with COLD bottled water --- now that was an eye opener !! Flushing the toilets is a completely different adventure --I'll spare you the details !!! )

Anyhow, (talk about getting off the subject !) -- more pictures tomorrow (of the great loot , fabric, etc) that I got this past weekend.

Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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OldBagNewTricks said...

These are surely beautiful. Like you, I am convinced Mother Nature is, at the very least a crafter, likely a quilter. That top quilt reminds me of an Arthur Rackham water color. These are so beautiful -- in my next life time, when I acquire patience and an attention span, I am going to be a quilter. For now I'll just look at the pretty pictures. Thanks,