Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Weekend at Beth's - - Day 2

The day after Beth and Jenny's Bat Mitzvah , the 3 of us had a fun girls' day out in Ocean Grove, NJ. There were lots of shops with tons of fun things to try on (note picture of Beth trying on "Dust Paws" --- way too cute to ever actually dust --- and I'm talkin' about you , Bethy!!) . And of course, way too many shops offering yummy homemade goodies -- brownies, cookies, candy -- we gritted our teeth and passed on all those temptations to hold out for the best water ice I've ever had --- ( so we didn't miss the extra fat and calories -- too much......) . Anyhow, there are also many, many BIG Victorian style homes -- most are Bed and Breakfasts , I think -- really pretty ---- AND a whole bunch of teeny, tiny 1 room cottages that have tents attached to the fronts as 2nd rooms (originally built about 100 years ago as a Methodist summer church camp. Beth tells me in the summer these cottages are really cute and colorful when everybody has window boxes full of flowers and different colored awnings, etc)

Anyhow, picture #2 is of Beth and Jenny on one of the quaint streets of Ocean Grove; and the last picture is of Beth and I squinting into the sun on the boardwalk --- it was another perfect day !!! (and now I'm having a tough time adjusting back to my real world of laundry and paperwork --- BLAH !!!

By the way, Beth's mom , Harriet May Savitz is a really wonderful author of many books and essays. Click on her website and see !

Mary Anne (aka Mare)