Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lazy Summer Afternoon Doodling, etc..........

It has been REALLY REALLY hot and humid this past week here in Jim Thorpe, Pa  .......I am NOT a fan of humidity .... AT ALL !!!  It makes me tired and cranky and not wanting to do much of anything  ......(don't know what my excuse is the rest of the year) Anyhow,  doodling doesn't require a whole lot of energy and it's fun !  

 I found today's doodling inspiration in the dollar bins near the check out at Michaels' .    This is a little notebook .  I didn't need another little notebook, but I just LOVE that drawing on the front !!!  My immediate reaction was "I wanna try and draw that !"  

  I would love to give credit to the artist, but I couldn't find a name anywhere on the notebook.  

 .....and  look how cute the back of the notebook is !!!!   Wouldn't that make great fabric !!!!!!

......... and here's the original reason for my stop at Michael's the other day ..... to pick up the latest "Mollie Makes" magazine  (LOVE !!!!) ........ so, there you go ,  TWO  lazy summer afternoon , low energy, too hot to do anything else activities ........ doodling and browsing the latest Mollie Makes !

(hope the weather cools off and my motivation kicks in ...... still have that baby quilt to finish !!!)

Be back soon !
Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Busy Little Quilter said...

I love little notebooks, too.

It has been hot here in KY. Even though I am originally from LA (the state) I don't do well in heat and humidity.

I am the secretary at the quilt guild I belong to. I am in charge of getting the agenda together and typed up. At the end I usually say Happy July or something to that effect. This month, though, I got a little more creative and made up a poem: When it's too hot outside and that you think you might wilt, do yourself a favor: stay inside make a quilt.

To me, the heat is the same as getting 15 inches of snow (I used to live in DuBois, PA, so I know what that is like, too!) I wouldn't go drive in that amount of snow. I would stay inside and sew.

You doodling looks pretty! You are great at drawing.

Julie said...

I love notebooks too - that one is very cute. It is winter here in New Zealand,so I too enjoy sitting with a magazine or too - however I'm in a warm spot.