Monday, July 15, 2013

Ping Pong Basting and Appli - Quilting

Down in our basement, next to the drums, lives a not - used - very - often ping pong table.  Tired of crawling around on the floor, yelling at people with big feet to pick an alternate route , and shooing kitties away when trying to baste a quilt, I had the brilliant (and you would think obvious) idea to baste my quilts on the ping pong table.  It worked BEAUTIFULLY !!! What a pleasant , although short - lived  experience .......because ......

....... "help" arrived .......

 Anyway,  after the basting,  I decided to "appli-quilt" all the applique pieces .  Being short on time and just all around lazy, I figured it would save me time instead of blanket stitching around each shape and THEN quilting .   Since I used fusible web to anchor all the applique shapes in place, I'm hoping the fusible glue stuff will act like Fray Check .   Besides,  I really like the way this looks on the front AND .........

......on the back.  

Besides the quilted applique shapes,  I think I'll just do some vertical top to bottom rows of quilting (around the appliques) to fill in.  In my perfect dream world where I'm a proficient free motion meanderer, I would do free motion quilting ...... but since I'm not , straight rows will have to do .    

Tick Tock ....... baby on the way ...... got to get back to work !

Be back soon ! (hopefully with more progress)
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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