Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Brain Fog Due to Heat and Humidity Causes Quilting Boo Boo.....

OK,  it has already been established that I can't think straight when it's 96 degrees and a bazillion % humidity outside !!!!  So, with that being my excuse,  let me tell you about my little Boo Boo.    Pictured up there on the left is the baby quilt I designed for my niece and her hubby's soon to be born little boy.  Now this picture is just the quilt top.

 ......and here was my original plan for machine quilting .  I planned to "appli-quilt" the boat, stars, clouds, and moon (i.e. straight stitch /applique all the shapes down through the top, batting and backing so the shapes would be appliqued and quilted at the same time).  Then I planned to fill in the background with vertical line quilting.

.......soooooooo,  I "appli- quilted all of the shapes and was getting ready to do the vertical line quilting .....

......when I noticed things were looking a little puckery ............ then it dawned on me that if I stitched vertical lines,  as I would get close to one of the appliques .......

....those puckers would all smoosh up against the applique ..........RATS !!!!!    Then it dawned on me that I should have done the vertical line quilting FIRST .....then the appli- quilting on the shapes LAST !!!!!   DUH !!!!  (told ya I just cannot think straight when it's so blasted hot and HUMID !).    So, today the heat and humidity have ceased (temporarily I'm sure)  ...... and my thinking cap was firing on a few more cylinders , so this is the solution to my boo boo that I came up with .......

.......machine stitching/quilting  different size stars to fill in the background spaces ....... kind of the same idea as tying a quilt  or tacking a quilt.    What do you think ??
Well, better get back to machine star stitching ....... lots more open space to fill in !!!
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Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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ipatchandquilt said...

I still love that quilt!!! Puckees and all. LOL
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