Sunday, February 24, 2013

The POWER of fabric !!!!!

 UGH !!!!! It was another cold, bleak, blah winter day here at MBIAJ Headquarters.  Just look at that gray, cold day outside the window where poor, lonely Betty sits day after day waiting and hoping for somebody around here to have some time to spend sewing with her .....preferably a project with some cheerful, sunny fabrics ..... this !!!! AHHHHH ......that's better ..... looks much more cheerful now with those bright sunny fabrics !!!! And,  those sunny fabrics must have some kind of power because not only did they brighten my mood, .......

 ..... they made the SUN come out !!!!  REALLY !!!

 SUNSHINE !!!! Certainly does wonders for one's disposition !!!

 Speaking of adjusting one's disposition,  how about some instant gratification with a quick project .  These sunny cheerful fabrics are coming together to make a doll quilt at the request of my 7 year old niece for her new American Girl Doll. 

 Ummmmmmmmm...........somebody looks guilty here ...... I left the room for a split second and Daisy decided to rearrange the quilt rows for me ....(yikes!  there were a couple of straight pins in there somewhere!)

 .....well before any boo boos were incurred by Daisy, or any damage done to the fabric,  the quilt rows were rescued and now will have to wait patiently to be sewn together til the next time I decide to blow off another Sunday paperwork/laptop marathon day (hopefully sooner rather than later !)  I cannot tell you how a few hours of FABRIC THERAPY perked me right up ! .... and a quick project with instant gratification  ...... PERFECT !!!!! :)
Be back soon ! (hopefully with a finished doll quilt!)
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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legato1958 said...

Too cute.... I have a cat helper, too! Did you finish the quilt? It looks so pretty for an Amercian Girl doll