Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day !

Happy Valentine's Day from our MBIAJ Queen of Hearts herself !!! .......

 ........who , on closer inspection, appears to be a bit irked that NO SEWING has gone on here at MBIAJ Headquarters for WAY TOO LONG !!!!    (the day job  ..... keeping me away from my poor lonely fabric and sewing machines !  I'm afraid they won't remember me when I finally get a little break from the craziness of the day job  ...... I'll have to tell Kitty to show them my picture every once in awhile so they don't forget who I am .......)
Be back soon !
Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Cheryl said...

A belated Happy Valentines!!!!! Now much sewing going on in PolkaDot land either :-( !!! Think I need to fix that this weekend.!

Unknown said...

belated happy valaintines day