Monday, February 4, 2013

The month for hearts ......

So here we are in February ..... all ready ! It's the month for hearts ...... all kinds of cute Valentine and heart projects and crafts are popping up all over blogland . Not only is it the month for crafty cute hearts, it's also the month for real hearts. Time for my CPR recertification ..... every 2 years in February.

So, since I'm reviewing and studying CAB (compressions, airway, breathing) this week, I thought I'd recycle some of my Valentine projects from the past few years (some of the projects that I've actually finished !!! )  

Like these little tags .......

...that I spiffed up plain candles with.

.....and this Valentine goody bag with a removable heart brooch .

.....and this little mini embroidered decoration/ doo dad .

...and the burlap , felt and yo yo garland.

There are actually a few more of mine, plus ALOT of other really really ADORABLE Valentine projects from other bloggers and crafters on my Hearts  Pinterest page if you're looking for some heart stopping inspiration !  (remember CAB ..... compressions, airway, breathing ....... in case the cuteness and inspiration is too much for you!)  Enjoy!

Back to the studying ........
Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare) 


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