Thursday, January 5, 2012

New York City field trip part 2

Well here we are 5 days into the new year and I'm finally recovered from our whirlwind day in New York City on the eve of New Year's Eve ! As you may recall, the main reason for our trip to New York City was .....

..a surprise Christmas gift for the Moonbeams Matriarch to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.

.....and there it is ! Radio City Music Hall .... complete with New York City cop directing traffic (cars and people !)

.....this is what greets you when you first walk into the lobby of Radio City Music Hall ..... this SPECTACULAR chandelier !!!! It was GORGEOUS .... and HUGE !!!! made up of many many many crystal snowflakes !

.... and here's our guest of honor (Mom) standing on one of the balconies in front of that amazing chandelier.

....and here's Mom after the show (which she enjoyed very much) proudly holding her souvenirs....

...... the ever so tacky Leg Martini Glass ! (a cousin to the Leg Lamp from Ralphie's Christmas Story !)

.......after the show we took a stroll to Rockefeller Center where there were a few of these guys keeping watch over ....

....the ice skaters .

....and just look at that HUGE , BEAUTIFUL Christmas tree !!! Cut down from somebody's yard in State College, Pa !

 stop was St. Patrick's Cathedral to see ....

....the Creche

.....and here's that Nancy (aka Mom) happily trying on hats at Saks 5th Avenue that cost more than my car ! (we also fingered up some scarves that we found out cost $1150 ....ONE THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED FIFTY DOLLARS .... after the salesman politely cleared his throat and asked if he could be of some assistance .... YIKES ..... NO !!!)

....anyhow, look how pretty Saks 5th Ave was decorated in all white lights and white decorations ..... very Winter Wonderland-ish!

.....and, no trip to New York is complete without a stop in at Magnolia Bakery for.....

.... CUPCAKES !!!! .... and look !!! Rockette's Cupcakes and New Year's Eve Cupcakes !!! PERFECT !!!

......more pretty NYC Christmas decorations with Radio City Music Hall off in the distance.....

......and finally, here's Macy's (as in the movie "Miracle on 34th Street") all decorated for the holidays.

......and this is where we pooped out .... after Macy's, we dragged our aching feet back to the Path Train that took us back to where we parked our car.

We had a GREAT time, but now I'm tired all over again !!!

Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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Pat said...

Great pictures and it looks like you had a terrific time. Did you gals enjoy the show, too? I've not seen it in years, but I do recall it as being very good!