Sunday, January 29, 2012

If you make a scarf ..... you need a brooch to go with it .....

Well, here we are, trying to play catch up as per usual at MBIAJ Headquarters ! A couple of weeks (yes only a couple of weeks) before Christmas, the MBIAJ Sewing and Quilting Dept had another "delusions of grandeur" moment when they decided it would be oh so cool to whip up a polar fleece scarf with fabric trim Fig Tree Quilts Style (Fig Tree Quilts Fresh Vintage Issue #18 ) for my sister for Christmas. BUT, the scarf looked bare ..... so how about a fabric brooch (ala Sew Ritzy Titzy) to go with it? (Kind of like that kids' book "If You Give a Moose a Muffin" ..... he'll want some jam to go with it). Of course we didn't have quite enough "winter white" fleece to make the scarf (because now we've decided matching mittens would just complete this ensemble) so we had to make a trip to buy more fabric during the extreme Christmas shopping rush, since we were making that trip anyway, and at that point Christmas shopping was not yet completed/started, we decided to make an after work evening of it. Well, one thing led to another, and Christmas was fast approaching and NONE of the wonderfully imagined handmade gifts were more than 1/4 finished, so we had to (again) ditch and go with Plan B ..... (i.e. last minute shopping for ready made gifts ..... sigh)

SO .... fast forward to 4 weeks AFTER Christmas and ta daaaaaaaaa ....... one completed scarf WITH fabric brooch to go with it !!! WOW ! if I wrap this up and put it away until NEXT Christmas, I'll actually have a handmade gift already to go! ...... OR, I could give it to ME !!!!

......and here's a close up of that very fun fabric brooch

...AND of course you - know - who had to have a scarf and brooch too ....

P.S. ......never did make the matching mittens ..... well maybe next year !

Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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