Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year ..... time to learn something !

Craftsy Block of the Month

Well, it's a brand new year (well minus 8 days) ....time to take down the droopy, dried out Christmas tree (and for the MBIAJ Undecorating Dept this is an all time record for putting Christmas away .... we usually wait until the tree disintegrates on it's own)....and time for our Moonbeams Boys to head back to their college classrooms (Penn State classes resume tomorrow). SO, inspired by the new year and the new college semester beginning, the MBIAJ Continuing Education Dept has decided it's time for us dust out those cobwebs in our middle aged burned out brain and to LEARN SOMETHING too !!! So, we hauled our butt over to Craftsy and signed up for their FREE Block of the Month class taught by Amy Gibson of Stitchery Dickory Dock. AND, we didn't stop there ..... nope not us ! We also signed up for Wendy Butler Bern's Craftsy class Machine Quilting: Free Motion and More (this class was not free, but we did manage to snag it while it was offered at 50% off !)

So, we'll see how this goes ..... our Block of the Month may turn into the dragged out Block of every few Months .... but that's OK ... because the Craftsy online courses are available anytime and for as long as you want .... good thing !

Anyhow ..... here's to a new year and learning something new !!!

Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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Pat said...

I had already signed up for those same exact courses you are taking. I've only looked at a bit of the free motion one, but I need to get serious about that this year. I did pay good attention to the first blocks on the free BOM program they have. I may pick and choose which blocks I do...or might do a whole quilt of just one or two of the blocks instead of a big sampler quilt using all of them. I'll see which ones appeal to me as they are put online.