Saturday, December 31, 2011


Happy New Year's Eve everybody!!!!! Yesterday (New Year's Eve eve .... i.e. the day before New Year's Eve) was the day we (Yours Truly, Mom, and my sis Boop) took New York City by storm! Here we are in Times Square where the crowds were already starting to gather for ......

....the big New Year's Eve ball drop (that's it WAY up there on top of that building) ......

......and here we are touching it for good luck in the New Year !!!! (WOW that was quite a hike to get up there to touch that ball !!!! ...... just kidding .... this is the replica they have in a visitors center )

We had a GREAT time and are still POOPED !!! (So I'll post the rest of our NYC pictures next year after I rest up !)

So, have a fun and safe New Year's Eve and all of us here at MBIAJ Headquarters wish all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!

Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Busy Little Quilter said...

Happy New Year's to you, too,Mary Ann. Here's to another year of quilting fun!

Pat said...

I"m glad you had a nice trip to NYC! I'll look forward to the rest of your photos next year. :)

Red Geranium Cottage said...

What a fun trip. We had wanted to do that but then we opted to go to NYC in May instead. After seeing how warm the weather was we should have went!! It's usually freezing!
Happy New Year to you Miss Moonbeam.