Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy 100th Birthday Lucy !!!

Good morning and happy Saturday Blogland Neighborhood ! .... AND HAPPY 100th BIRTHDAY to my idol ........

LUCY !!!! YES ..... we here at MBIAJ are SERIOUS "I LOVE LUCY" fans !!!! We are such SERIOUS fans that about 5 years ago we made the pilgrimage to ....

.....Jamestown, New York (Lucy's hometown) for the Lucy's Birthday celebration they have there every year ! (this is a picture of yours truly, "Ethel", my sister Boop, and "Lucy" ). We had a GREAT time !!! Wish we could have gone out there this weekend for Lucy's 100th !!! Bet that's gonna be a humdinger of a celebration ! I read where Guinness Book of World Records is there right now holding an event to try and get the most people dressed up as Lucy in the same place at the same time !!!! What a HOOT !!!! Would LOVE to have been part of that !!!! Well, at least we can enjoy lots of "I Love Lucy" today on the Hallmark Channel marathon ! (little screech of happpiness here! .... that and lots of sewing on the agenda today!)

Happy Birthday Lucy !!!! (you can click off my music playlist over there on the right sidebar by clicking on the double parallel lines - then you can enjoy this classic video of Lucy's surprise party )

Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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