Friday, August 12, 2011


Happy Friday Blogland Neighborhood ! Well the CRAZY summer of 2011 at MBIAJ Headquarters continues (and it's all good!) First of all ...

.....Kid #1 College Boy Matt arrived home last night from his summer internship in Florida (note instant pig pen in his room .... but after his horrendous first month on his internship where he ended up in the emergency room and then was admitted to the hospital for surgery we are happier than happy to have him and his messiness HOME!!! .... for a whole week and 2 days before he packs up again and heads back out to Penn State for the fall semester.)

....AND the MBIAJ Quilting Dept is SCRAMBLING to get Kid #2 Evan's graduation quilt somewhat put together by THIS SUNDAY because we are having .....

....his high school graduation party !!!! (So I guess I will now have to refer to both kids as my College Boys ! (sigh) Both Penn Staters !!! .... and classes start already a week after the graduation party on August 22nd! .....YIKES !!!! At least Evan will be living at home this year anyway since he is going to commute to a local branch campus of Penn State like Matt did for his first 2 years)

Well, gotta go !!!!! We've got LOTS and LOTS to do !!!!!

Be back soon,
Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Pat said...'ll have a very hectic couple of weeks ahead. Be sure to show us the finished graduation quilt, okay?

Cheryl said...

Whewwwwww....I'm exhausted reading your post! Can't wait to see the finished graduation quilt too!