Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cozy morning .....

Good morning Blogland Neighbor-hood ! Well, it's a cold, drab January morning outside (we've had sleet and freezing rain all last night, so no school today ...our driveway and walkway are a sheet of ice.)

.....Evan put his sneakers on with his pj's (and no coat , of course) and took this close up picture of our frozen grass ... then he realized how cold he was and ...

...came in and settled in with Shadow for a cozy morning of watching educational TV shows like "Jack Ass" (and I'm rolling my eyes here and remembering when he and Matt watched things like "Barney" and "Winnie the Pooh" and then moved on to "Power Rangers" .... and I recall being concerned about the violence on Power Rangers .... oh yea ... those were the days .....)

Anyway, after slip sliding around outside trying to throw Ice Melt on the driveway and steps, I came in to have a nice hot breakfast .... and since our Diet Master means business I decided to have this ....

.... a packet of Kashi Raisin Spice oatmeal (Wt Watcher points = 2) , with 2 tbsp of organic ground flaxseed mixed in (WW points = 1) , and an orange (WW points = 1) ...the Kashi oatmeal has "6 natural anitioxidents , including green tea, white tea, and grape seed" and the ground flaxseed meal "provides fiber, lignans, and omega-3 fats" ..... I've been eating this for breakfast on and off for awhile now and I think it tastes pretty good (not like some of the sawdust Mr. Moonbeams the vegetarian eats .... seriously gross looking stuff .... and I don't care how "healthy " it supposedly is .... if it looks and tastes like cardboard topped with saw dust I'm NOT EATING IT !!)

Anyway, back to our "cozy morning" .....

.....ahhhhhh..... relaxing by the fireplace with some new magazines and my late morning snack (I find if I plan to eat something every 2 or 3 hours it keeps me from being a hog at one sitting .... I think it has something to do with keeping your blood sugar levels stable .... I'll have to consult my personal Registered Dietician sister Boop ).....anyhow, my snack is a nice cup of tea (with fat free milk and a packet of Splenda) and a low fat scone (in the shape of a muffin ..... I originally found this recipe in one of Fig Tree Quilts "Fresh Vintage" publications .... I just made some substitutions to make it more Wt Watcher friendly ... each muffin = 2 WW points. I think they're really good (especially when they're warm from the oven ) .... if you'd like to make some, I posted the recipe way back in my 3rd ever post (almost 2 years ago!)

OK ... well I think I'll go scarf up that scone/muffin and tea before I have to go find Kitty and drag both of our butts downstairs to put some mileage on the exercise equipment ....

Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Queenly Things said...

Ack. I remember the one winter I spent in a very cold place my butt was black and blue from so much slippin' and a slidin' on icy days. How do you people manage it?

rachel griffith said...

ewww your outside looks like our outside.

evan watching jackass.
i admit the hubby & i watch it occassionally too.
{don't hold it against me.}

those muffins look good.
i just might have to try em.

have fun reading those mags.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

That "healthy" breakfast looks like it might taste like cardboard. LOLOL!!!
Now the tea and scone....YUMMY!!! Your doing good though. I'm watching!!

My boys watch Jack Ass too. so does hubby. I just dont get what is so funny about doing stupid things to your body do you??