Friday, September 26, 2008

Homecoming ! .....AND Fall Foliage Open House !

Good Friday morning Blogland Neighbors! Well, it's a rainy one here in eastern Pennsylvania. No downpours (not yet anyhow) just dreary and drizzling. Hopefully the weather will cooperate for tonight's Homecoming Football game here in Jim Thorpe,Pa. AAhhhhh, Homecoming ......that brings back memories ....(although distant!) .....(OK, now imagine the wavy thing they do on t.v. to show somebody is daydreaming ..... and I guess they do some harp music.....)

.....It was my senior year at Tamaqua High School .....I was nominated for Homecoming Queen .....(and when my sister and brother read this you'll be able to hear them yell "WHAT ??!!??!! What is that crown doing on her head?!?!?!?!!! She didn't win !!!!!!!) ......OK! OK! .... so I did NOT I wasn't the Homecoming Queen ..... so I drew that crown on there ..... I'm not bitter .... I don't hold a grudge all these years later ..... I can buy my own crown!! .... and I did!!!! So there !!!! HA!

(Deep breath) ..... OK, I'm over it now .... ANYHOW, I did want to show you a picture of that suit I was wearing (and yes I still have it ..... and NO I do not fit into it anymore....). My mother and I made that suit .... as a matter of fact, all 5 of us nominated for Homecoming that year made our suits (that was back in the Dark Ages when we still had Home Ec in school and we all learned to sew) ..... but, as usual, the week of Homecoming found my suit basically a vest (i.e. the sleeves weren't in yet) and an unhemmed skirt ..... so, as usual, MOM to the rescue ..... cleaning up and finishing up my sewing messes and projects ..... so , the suit was finished on time ONLY because of good ol' Mom!!!

......and ..... here it is !! It's a tweedy orange/red wool suit (beautiful fabric!) .... and , yes, that's my PURCHASED crown sitting on top of it in it's rightful place.......

.....hhhmph!! seems ANYBODY can buy a crown these days ......(and I see Kitty hasn't gotten those glasses fixed yet!)

Next on today's agenda ..... don't forget, if you're in the eastern Pennsylvania area this weekend, stop by The Quiltery for the ......

......Fall Foliage Open House

There will be a free beginner class; free demos; door prizes; Fall, Harvest, & Christmas projects; AND FOOD ! ......speaking of which....

.....Betty Crocker , the Pillsbury Dough Boy and I have some baking to do....(all homemade, of course!)

So, don't forget to stop by "The Quiltery" this weekend (I'll be there tomorrow afternoon with some of my Fall projects ..... maybe Kitty and I will wear our well deserved, although PURCHASED crowns ...... hmmmmmmm.....)

OK .... gotta zoom.... Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Dandelion Quilts said...

Have fun, Mare. We all know you are the true queen anyway! Everyone in blogland knows it was you that deserved to win.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

A girl after my own heart with a crown of her very own. One that SHE had to purchase for herself. And there is NOTHING wrong with that I say!!!