Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy first day of Autumn !!

Good morning Blogland Neighborhood and happy first day of Autumn!!! I would love to have a nice autumnish picture on here today BUT my computer is on THE FRITZ again! Seems between Saturday morning and Saturday evening something got VERY screwed up and we now have all sorts of problems with the computer in the kitchen! So, right now I'm using Evan's computer set up on what I think is his desk (hard to tell since I can't see the surface) in his room (that is after I made a path from the door to the desk through the dirty clothes and other debris all over his floor!) Anyhow, I can't seem to retrieve pictures from the picture thing like I do on the other computer so please picture a tree with orange leaves next to a tree with yellow leaves, next to a tree with red leaves with some pumpkins sitting at the bottom. Hhhmmmmm........ WAIT !! let me put in a call to Matt (the college boy ... I know he doesn't have another class for a couple of hours and he would just LOVE to talk to us from campus ..... doesn't every college guy love to get calls from his mother ?!?!) OK .... here's the scoop .... Matt was just thrilled to talk to me and tell me how to do the "copy and paste" thing on Evan's computer so here's a recycled picture from last fall....

... HAPPY AUTUMN !!! and I'll be back soon (I hope ... as soon as the computer fix-it guy comes and undoes whatever it is we did to the other computer .... and it better be soon or I'll be going through Blog Withdrawal!! )

Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Cheryl said...

Happy first day of Autumn to you! Hope your computer is fixed soon...but I love the recycled picture - beautiful!!!

Cathie said...

Darlin!! If you have a PC, use system restore. I had all KINDS of trouble with my computer last month and what fixed it was not a guru, but going to the start menu and pulling up all programs-->accessories-->system (or system tools)-->system restore. Then I followed the instructions and told it to put the computer back where it was the week before the trouble started, and voila! It was fine!

Hope you're back soon!

Cathie said...

Woooohooo!! So glad you're back!

Thanks for the compliment on my poem. That nine word exercise is hard at first, but the challenge keeps me coming back to it.

Happy Autumn!