Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Princess of Patience !!!!

Drum roll please .............Ta Da !!!! There she is, "The Princess of Patience" .... a title I have bestowed on my niece , Maura, for waiting a VERY, VERY LONG time for me to finish this quilt for her. (a tiara was also thrown in for good measure ... you know, .... to help her forget how very long it has taken me to finish this quilt for her .... for example, when I started this quilt, Maura was much shorter than me ..... now she's at least and inch, probably more, taller than me ..... good thing I wasn't making her a pair of pants!)

....and here is the "formal" quilt presentation picture of Maura and me (note tiaras and sashes .... we "royalty" like to wear this stuff for such dignified ceremonies) .... our photographers, Erin (Maura's younger sister) and Boop (my younger sister, and Maura and Erin's mother) are just plain jealous of me and Maura (i.e the big sisters) and our tiaras, and I just know they purposely made this picture BLURRY !!!!!

......ahhhhhh, but look!!! See how sweet we BIG SISTERS are ........there's Maura sharing her quilt with little sis, Erin

...OK .... just one more picture of this quilt so that you can actually tell what the heck it looks like, maybe ..... (those big ol' feet sticking out from under the quilt belong to my "baby", Evan ..... I didn't want you to think they belong to me !!!!)

....oh, and Maura picked out the sayings in the borders ..... a few of her favorite things ... chocolate, fuzzy slippers, flowered bathing caps, and sparkly tiaras .....has this kid been taught well by her Aunt Mare, or what !!!

SHEESH !!! Such excitement for one day ..... the quilt and Maura have aged gracefully and well since it was started ..... I , however, am falling apart at the seams ..... I'm pooped !! ...... but, tomorrow I'll be ready to dive into the next project(s) !!!! .......or maybe I should take the Christmas tree and decorations down first .......

Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Nancy said...

The quilt is beautiful and I am sure Maura is very happy it is done! LOL Are those buttons? between the blocks....

Tamara said...

The quilt is just beautiful. Now about this Christmas issue. Really let it go. Groundhogs day is this saturday and Valentines Day is just around the corner too. Enjoy ;-)

black eyed susans kitchen said...

First, let me say gorgeous! Your niece is one lucky girl. That quilt came I said. Gorgeous. Susan

Lisa Boyer said...

Aloha, Mary Anne! I enjoyed poking around on your blog—I LOVE all your food instruction pictures! So fun to see cooking in process, and the pictures are great! And of course, I love your cat pictures…I especially love the one of your kitty nabbing the green bean off the plate…precious.

I hope you feel better soon!! (And what IS all that WHITE STUFF on the ground in those pictures?)