Monday, January 14, 2008

Desperately seeking balance..........

UGH!!!Another way too typical weekend for me doing catch up paperwork (for my job) left over from the previous week...... and if you're tired of looking at pictures of it , I'm even more tired of having to be chained to my desk doing it .... for hours and hours (day after day, week after week, year after year !!!).... mind numbing paperwork ..... UGH !!!
But, look who kept me company .... Little Miss Hog - a - Chair, Daisy.

Anyway, since I'm so often stuck doing zillions of hours of BORING paperwork on Saturdays and Sundays and it makes me CRANKY and MAD that I don't have much time for anything fun, I decided to implement a new system where I do paperwork for an hour, then I get to sew/draw/play for an hour, then back to paperwork for an hour. Sounds good , right? (it always sounds good on paper.....) OK, so, armed with my cup of tea (I need LOTS of caffeine and an occasional hit of chocolate to get me through) and encouraged by my new plan that theoretically balances out the crappy paperwork with some fun, I eagerly sit down at my desk to get started on my hour of paperwork, so that I can get to my hour of sewing and not feel guilty about it...... when along comes interruption #1 .... ...yes, Daisy decided to remove herself from my chair and park right on the paperwork I was trying to do. Then, coming to try and take her place on the chair is interruption #2....Sam.

....OK, still determined to have my plan work, I cleared all work and sitting surfaces of kitties, took a swig of my now cold tea, wished I had a morsel of chocolate and got back to the boring paperwork when I was jolted out of my chair by interruption #3........REV......REV.....REVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV........ I FLY out of my chair , down the steps and out to the driveway before the neighbor flies out of his house and yells about the noise, .... again...... "Matthew! Evan! stop making all that noise!!!" REV.....REV....."Are you guys finished with your homework?!?" REV.....REVVVVVV "Guys!!! the exhaust fumes are going in the house!" REV.... REV....REVVVVVVV......... (hand on hip .....tap, tap , tap goes my foot .....) "I am going to count to 3 !!" ...... REV..REV....REVVVVVVV........ZOOMMMMMMMMM down the driveway and down the street. Big sigh ......maybe they'd listen better if I wore that kind of hat with a big ol'flower sticking out of the top ......

...... OK, I go back in the house, make a fresh cup of tea, trudge back upstairs and sit down at my desk, wishing for a chunk of chocolate and notice that my hour has now ballooned into 2 hours ...... and my hour of sewing is gone .... and it 's back to an hour of paperwork ........ CRAP !!!!! So..... after throwing a bit of a tantrum, I do paperwork for an hour and happily think it's finally my time .... sewing time .... and I've earned it!!!!...... but one look at the clock tells me it's time to make dinner ...... then it's time to clean it up....... by this time, I can't even begin to force myself to sit back down at that stinkin' desk to do more paperwork (even though it's due by Monday morning and guilt has completely consumed me) ---- I throw caution to the wind and ........ sew !!!!!
I sewed until I was too tired to sew anymore, then Daisy and I fell asleep ....., that's all I accomplished on Saturday...... then Sunday dawns bright and sunny and what do I get to do?...... more paperwork (because, did I mention, it's always due on Monday morning .... and did I mention that it SUCKS !!!?!?! well, it does ! ....). OK, so the pressure is on .... no more fooling around .... I just have to get the paperwork FINISHED !!!! no time for sewing ..... but, then my attention span for paperwork stinks, so I ended up fiddling around with what colors to start coloring 2 drawings I did a few weeks ago ..... ....and piddling around even more by doodling more "drawings" ........... oh well, I think I'm far from achieving my never ending quest to become one with the universe .... but here's my plan for next weekend to attempt to achieve inner balance ..... I will clean 1 out of 3 toilets, wash 5 out of 7 loads of smelly gym shorts and stinky socks, I will do 1/2 of my paperwork on Saturday and the other 1/2 on Sunday,.... and I will sew the binding on 2 out of 4 sides of a quilt ...... and I will balance my chocolate consumption with my caffeine consumption ....... ohhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......

Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Happy Zombie said...

Mary Anne... we are living parallel lives. I'd say we should start a procrastination club... but knowing me I'd keep putting it off.

Your sewing projects look dreamy and can't wait to see more!

And PS - I'm a little overdue (ha, what was I saying about our club?)... Garage Band is a Mac program for... for... oh I danno. I'm too unhip to really know what it's for!

Dawn said...

You are such bolt of mega-caffeine for my day. I heart your funny insights; your sewing talent; your love for cats....should I go on?! :)

Nan said...

As usual, what a wonderful post, Mary Anne! Isn't it cold where you are? Wouldn't you like to stay warm BURNING all that paperwork? You could do a happy dance around the flaming pages!! LOL!! Then, you could spend quality time sewing without a care(?) in the world! My dogs do the same thing as your kitties when I'm trying to sew, too!
Love the quilt you're working on - it's so bright and cheery! Your drawings are all so cute, too!