Friday, December 27, 2013

I'm POOPED !!!!

Well, another Christmas has come and gone  (all too fast in my opinion !!!  ) ..... and I'm POOPED !!! 

As usual,  most of the handmade gifts I intended to sew/quilt did not get finished ..... there was the "Holiday Houses" quilt,  a couple of table runners,  some hand/wrist warmers out of softy cozy fleece,   and a few different projects using chalkboard fabric.  Oh well ...... I'm going to still work on these Christmas projects because Christmas isn't over at my house until I say it is !!!!  (I don't care that I already saw Valentine stuff out at some stores  ...... I don't care that the radio stations stopped playing Christmas music on Christmas Day at midnight  ......jeeze !!! What ever happened to the 12 Days of Christmas !!! ...and our Christmas tree will stay up for quite a while yet ..... I just got the darn thing up and decorated 5 days ago I'm gonna sit and look at it for a month !  ..... or until the poor thing falls over).  Anyway,  Santa's helper (aka Me) hit some good pre Christmas sales and got.......

....a boat load of fun fabric pre cuts !!!  (these are all already spoken for ...... at least 3 graduation quilts on the horizon ..... I have big (unrealistic) plans to get them finished in time .....)

.....and Santa actually brought these !!! (well, my sister .... so another of Santa's helpers !) .  
So, I think I'll put on some Christmas music,  plug in the Christmas lights on the tree, light a fire in the fireplace, look through these fun magazines and sit and enjoy the Christmas season  ...... cause it ain't over til I say it's over !!!!!
Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Cheryl said...

I'm with you.....POOPED, and yes I'm afraid I didn't finish much of what I thought I would. Oh well, there's always next year.

Cheryl said...
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Carol said...

I didn't manage to finish the 2 quilts I gave as Christmas presents. The tops are finished but they aren't quilted. Since the recipients are family and know me, they didn't seem terribly disappointed - just pleased that they were getting quilts. And Christmas isn't over yet for me either - so there!

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