Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Houses

I love houses decorated for Christmas .... especially when there's snow.   But, as you can see in this picture I took of our house a couple of days ago with just a wreath on the front door , I haven't yet mastered the art of "exterior illumination" like .....

   Clark Griswold !!!

 Ta Daaaaaaa......

 Anyway, instead of working on our real Christmas house,  I 've been playing around with this "Ready Set Snow" layer cake by "Me and My Sister Designs" from a year or two ago. 

  Decided to make some fabric Christmas houses .   Silly me thought I came up with an original idea, but looking through pinterest and a few blogs,  I realize this idea has been around the block a few times .   What might put an original spin on it, though is I plan to do this as a Quilt As You Go  quilt ..... since my right shoulder is now shot due to work ( physical therapy is a joint killer after 33 years !!! ) and also due to repetitive motion injury of the same shoulder  caused by machine quilting 3  big quilts and 1 baby quilt within 2 months.  So, I now have to break quilts down into small, manageable chunks to machine quilt ......  it's my new mission in my quilting life !!!  Will keep you posted !
OK back to working on houses ..... fabric and real (might go outside and wrap a string of lights around the porch railing !  Clark has inspired me !!! plus we look like the Grinch house of the neighborhood ! )
Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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