Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Craftsy and Wish of a Lifetime

  What a GREAT idea !!! In my 30 plus years as a home care physical therapist working with mostly senior citizens, I have had the honor of treating many WW II vets (many left the local high schools when they were 16 or 17 to join the military); I have heard their first hand accounts of what it was like to be the "wild teenagers" of the town back in the day (jumping off the bridge to land in the coal cars of the passing trains ...... CRAZY !!!); heard about how their families had 10 or 12 kids, their dad worked in the mines and was injured or killed, and the oldest had to quit school to support the family ...... working in the mines . I have heard many stories from hard working retired nurses , teachers and doctors (my 84 year old dad being the #1 retired doctor in my life ...... he has done it all ..... delivered babies, been the family doctor for a lifetime of families,  made house calls in all kinds of weather and at all times of the day or night,  been the first one on an accident scene, worked the ER ).  And I have heard stories of being young and in love and dancing to Benny Goodman and The Dorsey Brothers;  stories of being the first daughter of immigrants who was determined to go to college and then  move to Philadelphia to an apartment with other young women and work in a big city hospital far away from home (my 83 year old mother's story).  I love hearing their stories about their younger days and have learned a great deal from their life experiences ...... they deserve our respect and most of all friendship and time.
       And, to their credit, Craftsy is partnering with Wish of a Lifetime to help send some deserving seniors home ........ home to their hometowns where they were young,  home to a granddaughter's wedding,  home to visit family and friends.   Because , as we know , there's just no place like home !!!!   Craftsy will donate $5 for every class purchased to Wish of a Lifetime through December 11th.  So, zip on over there to Craftsy and sign up for one of their great classes (which you will LOVE !! )  ..... and in the process you will be helping to keep a deserving  senior citizen from being lonely this holiday season.

Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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Wish of a Lifetime said...

Thanks for mentioning Wish of a Lifetime. Happy to have your support! Our goal is to get as many people as possible to watch the video and truly start seeing seniors...