Sunday, October 20, 2013

Jim Thorpe Fall Foliage Festival

Every October , for the first 3 weekends, our little town of Jim Thorpe, Pa puts on the "Fall Foliage Festival".   This is an extremely popular and well attended event.   Since today was the very last day of this year's festival,  and being the Queen of Last Minute, I decided to get some last minute pictures before it was over.  Much of the activity is in the park at the train station .  There are craft and food vendors and train rides.

  Mauch Chunk ...... the original name of our town ..... now known as Jim Thorpe.     

  As you walk up Broadway,  there are some really beautiful old Victorian homes (now shops and restaurants).  

  LOVE this colorful little garden !!!!!

 ...... LOOK !!! There's my ride !!!  After all , I am the Queen of Last Minute (aka the Queen of Procrastination) ..... I just have to dig around in my purse for my spare tiara so they know I'm the queen  and they'll give me a ride .......  HEY WAIT !!!!!   RATS !!!  I guess I just have to keep walking......

.......OK, well anyhow,  isn't this a BEAUTIFUL old house !!!! This is the Dimmick house , built in 1857 and it's FOR SALE !!!

..... more fun shops along Broadway.

......not quite Victorian, but the Mauch Chunk 5 & 10 is left over from another era and is a VERY popular stop for tourists and locals .......  kind of like the original Walmart.......I always find all sorts of fun and practical stuff in there!

.....and here's a quick view of some of the shops and restaurants along Race Street.  Looks like a street in Europe somewhere doesn't it?  (I've never been to Europe , so I wouldn't really know .... but that's what I've heard when eaves dropping on other people's conversations ......)

Hope you enjoyed that very quick visit at the very last minute !!!!  Before you know it, the pumpkins and fall decorations will be coming down, and as soon as you swallow your Thanksgiving turkey, the town will be all decked out for "Old Time Christmas" .   (Which is just BEAUTIFUL !!!!  ).

Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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