Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pumpkins on my chalk board ..... and the hopping continues !

Pumpkins  are on my chalk board ...... that means autumn is here and Halloween is coming (at least thats what it means here in the MBIAJ Sewing Room mess).  I have had this play room size chalk board since third grade ....... back in 1967 (approximately ...... my middle aged brain can't remember back that far !) .  Anyhow, this chalk board and I have sweet memories .... my Dad spent every Thursday night going over my times tables with me on this chalk board for the test we had in school every Friday.   I can still picture the list ..... every week it was a different set ..... the "2x tables",  next the "3x tables",  and on up to the hard ones like the " 7x tables" and the "8x tables" ....... but I learned them with ALOT of patience from dear old Dad  !!!!! 

So, speaking of pumpkins on my chalk board and autumn in the air.......  the "Leafs me Happy"  blog hop continues ...... with all sorts of creative and gorgeous "Leafs me Happy" quilt blocks !  Here's today's list :
Wednesday 3
Enjoy !!
Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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