Thursday, August 9, 2012

Low tech texting

Lookie what I borrowed from my Dad !  This (for those of you who are MUCH younger than most of my shoes) is a manual typewriter .  This typewriter is very similar to the one I took to college to write all those fun term papers on .  Yes, kids, this is before personal computers, cell phones, etc.  Back in the dark ages when I was in college, you had to haul your rear end to the library and read books , take notes, then go back to your cinder block dorm room (equipped with a dorm fridge, and a hot plate ....... no tv, no phone , no bathroom ...... those things were down the hall)  and type up your paper  ...... without spell check (that's what a dictionary, thesaurus, and White Out are for).

Anyway,  I borrowed this typewriter NOT to type on paper, but to see if it would type on FABRIC !!!  It DOES !!!!

So, I typed, typed, typed , typed, and typed some more .......

........ and ended up with some fun "text" fabric ., I thought I'd combine it with my "homemade handwritten "  fabric and , maybe use those cute little alphabet stamps to make some other "text" fabric;  add some red, blue  and yellow prints and scribble out a design for a 12" block to ........

....join in the fun at "During Quiet Time"  where a "Texting While Sewing " contest is going on !  You still have time to enter ..... she will have a link up at her blog on August 27, 28, and 29. (of this year ....... uh oh ...... gotta go ...... lots of sewing to do ...... after I recover from all that typing !)    

Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Jenn said...

Very cool! I wonder how the ink will hold up with a wash? Keep us posted on how your fabric holds up!

Maddy said...

Wow What a fantastic idea. Would also like to know if you need a setting agent for your text. Like to know how it comes out in the wash. So to speak.