Saturday, July 28, 2012

Chain Gang Clams (i.e. Chain Fused clams)

Happy summer Saturday afternoon ! We're having an on again off again thunderstormy day here at MBIAJ Too Headquarters , so it's an indoors kind of summer day . I used to LOVE indoors summer days when I was a kid .... I'd spend the day coloring, reading a good Nancy Drew book , playing Barbies, or sewing some sleezy lingerie for Barbie with my hand crank kid sewing machine. So on this rainy summer afternoon, I had the urge to :

1) work on a summer themed project
2) use up some leftover charm squares
3) keep it simple (because I'm basically lazy!)

Summer themed project , about clamshells !! That's summery ! Summer at the shore and clams on the beach ! I LOVE the look of clamshell quilts ..... but, again , WAY too lazy to make one the traditional way! So, here's what I came up with ..... "Chain Gang Clams !" or to be exact "Chain Fused Clams".

This is what I used:
1) leftover charm squares
2) light fusible web
3) roll of duck tape (or whatever you want to use for your circle pattern that fits on the charm square)
4) non stick applique pressing sheet
5) piece of base fabric (whatever size you want your quilt or project to be)

Trace the circle pattern onto the paper side of the fusible web; then draw a second circle inside that circle.

Roughly cut outside the outer drawn circle line (leave at least 1/4 - 1/2 inch all around the outside line) . Then cut away the center of the circle.

Following the instructions on the fusible web package, fuse the web circle to the wrong side of a fabric charm square.

Cut the fabric out on the outer drawn line .
Now cut the fabric circles in half.
Next, using the non stick applique pressing sheet, lay out your "clams" in whatever order you like and however many in a row you want. Overlap the clams by about 1/4" at bottom edges and fuse the bottom edges to each other.
I made two rows of five clams (in this picture they are still on the applique pressing sheet). (i.e. two fused chains of five clams)

When cooled, carefully remove your chain fused clams and fuse the first row onto your base fabric.

Stagger your second fused chain of clams and fuse , overlapping the first row of chain fused clams.
In the second row you will probably have a clam thats hanging over the edge...., fold it in half and...
......cut the excess off , then .......
.....go to the opposite end of the row and fuse it on there. You can keep going with your rows like this and make your clamshell quilt as big or small as you want. I only had a few charm squares that I wanted to use up, so my clamshell project will be small ......
...and I think I like a couple of rows of chain fused clams on either side of this piece of fabric ...... with some ric rac added. I'm planning to add batting and quilt around the top of each clam (maybe by hand for a fun summer take along project). Then , if all of that is finished before the whole thing disintegrates , I'll have to decide what to do with it . Maybe a pillow? Any other ideas?

Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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