Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Adding to the stash

Lookie what came in the mail the other day !!!!    The ever popular summer at the shore precut fabric "Lucy's Crab Shack" by Sweetwater AND that fun newsprint fabric from Maude Asbury's "Crabtastic" fabric line .   I have a few ideas for these fabrics and can't wait to dive in (get it..... "dive in" ...... like swimming in the ocean ...... )  ANYWAY, like I was saying,  I have ants in my pants to start a project with this stuff ...... hopefully BEFORE the summer winds down and I don't feel like sewing summer stuff anymore ...... I'm very season oriented ..

There was also a quick trip to JoAnn's (well, it's never a quick trip .... it may start out as a quick trip , but then alot of getting sidetracked and browsing happens) .   So, I went in for something boring like white thread and elastic to fix my kids sagging britches , and came out with these three fun summery fabrics !!! 

 I'm thinking that dahlia fabric would make a cute summer shift (aka sleeveless summer dress ...... I'm probably dating myself calling it a "shift" ..... my mother's term from when I was a kid in the dark ages). Actually, now that I look at them,  all three of these fabrics would make cute shifts or skirts with matching babushkas (aka "head scarfs").

Well, now that I have spent my minimal free time shopping and blogging and otherwise piddling around, I need to get back to the (ever present) stack of paperwork (sigh ...... BORING)  and will have to just be satisfied to daydream about and fondle the fabric until this weekend when MAYBE I'll get organized enough to squeeze in some sewing !!!

Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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