Monday, May 7, 2012

(gasp) ....SWOONING !!!!!

Well, it's 2 AM here at MBIAJ Headquarters and I really, really, REALLY should hit the hay and get my desperately needed beauty sleep, BUT I happened to spot ....
...the new summer issue of "Stitch, Craft, Create" at the grocery store today and I just can't put it down !!!! I LOVED the Christmas issue and couldn't wait to see the new summer issue.
....look !
......look at all of this GREAT stuff !!!! I think I would make every single project in this magazine .... yes, yes I would ! I don't think there isn't a project in here that I don't like ! .......OK , so now I have to come down off of my "Stitch , Craft , Create" high and try and get some of that beauty sleep . Be back soon! Toodles, Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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Nanette Merrill said...

That looks like a great magazine. I hate when I buy a magazine and there isn't any meat on the bone! If you know what I mean.