Sunday, April 29, 2012

How was your weekend?

ZOOM ! Where the heck did the weekend go? Here it is Sunday night ALREADY !!! When I get home from work on Friday, I always have great aspirations for Saturday and Sunday ...... then, before the laundry pile is caught up and the groceries are put away, it's Sunday night and all my delusions of grandeur (aka Martha Stewart Syndrome) have gone down the drain! So, other than laundry and groceries (and piddling around on facebook and reading blogs ..... I know ..... THAT's where a chunk of my weekend went!), I spent WAY too much time trying to get caught up on .......
.......last week's PAPER WORK for the day job (so what else is new , UGH!)
Good thing I had my "power lunch" to keep me focused !
......AND , of course, Daisy was "helpful" as always ! (her jobs consist of sitting on any paper I need to write on AND shredding/ playing with all others) spite of all of the afore mentioned drudgery, the MBIAJ Sewing, Quilting and Design Dept is happy to report that they did manage to squeeze out a few minutes of the weekend to work on something new .... (not quite moving at the speed of light, however)
AND, last but not least on this MBIAJ Weekend Update is just a teeny tiny bit of exciting news from these nice people ...... :) P.S.) I'm trying to figure out this new system here on blogspot .... everything seems to run together ..... sorry ! Be back soon ! Toodles, Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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Penny said...

My weekends usually fly by too. Not his one though! Quilting retreat with friends, woohoo! I finished 40 of the 50 needed for my daughters quilt. I'm making the Civil War STAR quilt from Oct 2011 cover of American Patchwork & Quilting. Plus we found time to hit a (new for me) quilt shop that had the perfect fabric for the sashing and cornerstones. Perfect Weekend!
Love your blog!