Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cat on a hat (and other NYC adventures)

So, in New York City you see all sorts of interesting stuff .....
for example : Fred Flintstone with a cat sitting on his head !
..... a GIANT button and sewing needle
.....and a statue of a man sewing
And even though sight seeing was fun , the real reason for the NYC trip this past weekend was a Girls' Weekend to celebrate my sister Boop's xx birthday. One of our fun activities was going out Saturday night to see the new musical Once .
SUCH a GOOD show !!!!
Here's the whole gang after the show in front of the theater (except for Beth and Jenny who were taking the pictures)
....the birthday girl herself (wearing her birthday hat) being sung to by this suave guy at a GREAT Italian restaurant we went to after the show. Don't you just LOVE Girls' Weekends !!!!!! (lots and lots of fun .... but now I need a week to recuperate ! ) Be back soon! Toodles, Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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