Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Balancing Act .....

Well Happy April Blogland Neighorhood !! Can't believe another month has flown by (but happy it's trying to be spring time !) The next few months will be crazier than usual here at MBIAJ Headquarters (if that's possible!) ....with proms, graduations, milestone birthdays and anniversaries, a wedding quite a few states away, etc, etc, etc ....and trying to balance preparations for all of those very happy events with the heavy day job schedule, the laundry, the house etc, etc, etc ..... so here's our big 20 cent question of the week ....any bright ideas or tips for perfecting "The Balancing Act"? (cause we've been trying to perfect "it" for way too many years than we care to count and it isn't improving that's for sure !!!) Oh well !!!

Be back soon !!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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