Saturday, March 26, 2011

WHAT to do with BIG print fabrics ??? (and some cool doodling!)

Happy weekend Blogland Neighborhood! Hope spring is springing where you are. Unfortunately it's not here at MBIAJ Headquarters. We've had a couple of teaser days, but it seems winter is being a great big bully and keeps pushing spring around.

Anyway, the MBIAJ Design and Doodling Dept has Spring Fever in a big way and have been playing around with some new (and not so new) fabrics with some HUGE flowers on them. So, they are trying to figure out just what to do with HUGE print fabrics. They're really pretty and you just can't cut them up into little pieces , so what do you use them for ..... well you could make curtains ..... nah...... or an apron or tote bag .... maybe ..... or a dress .....(yikes !! DEFINATELY NOT (I'm pretty sure with those big prints and our big caboose, it would look more like a circus tent or a muu muu ... or more accurately a mooooo moooooo....)

.....and here's another pretty print (not as huge as that first one, but still something we'd hate to cut up into little pieces). The Design Dept had fun picking out those companion fabrics and the Doodling Dept is busy doodling up some ideas .... maybe they should consult Moonbeams Boy Evan .....

......he is a "Master Doodler" !!!!! Just LOOK at these doodles !!!! .....

......and these !!!

These doodles cover every square inch of his political science notebook. Obviously he is totally and completely BORED by political science and should NOT pursue it as his college major ..... but how about graphic design!?!?!?!!!

Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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Pat said...

LOVED that clever MOOOO MOOOO comment!!! Your son sure seems to have some drawing talent. Be sure to let us know what you do with your large-print fabrics.