Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friday Night Sew In ....

Dang ! Missed it(Friday) by 32 minutes ! Well, so much for the MBIAJ Sewing Dept participating in this month's Friday Night Sew In on Friday night! Got in from work after 7pm, made dinner (well, actually stopped at the market and bought dinner), cleaned up dinner , sat down at the computer to check emails and do some paperwork and got sidetracked on facebook , as usual...... but it was there that I got the message from pal Amanda that tonight (well, yesterday now) is/was the Friday Night Sew In for April.) So, by that time it was 11 pm and the news was on (had to check the weather) .... BIG mistake ! Fell asleep on the sofa .... woke up to go tinkle ... and well, there you have it .... you're all caught up and up to date ..... so, the MBIAJ Sewing Dept will have to try and reschedule their participation in the Friday Night Sew In until sometime on Saturday ....hopefully!

Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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Busy Little Quilter said...

We will deffinitely have to plan better next time so we can have everything done before we start sewing for the next Friday Night Sew-In.