Friday, August 15, 2008

Catching the Olympic spirit !!!

Good morning Blogland neighborhood! Have you been watching the Olympics? Kitty and I have been staying up late all this week to watch that amazing Michael Phelps collect gold medal after gold medal .... and then last night we were on the edge of our seats watching Nastia Luikin and Shawn Johnson get the gold and silver for the good ol' USA in women's gymnastics!!! WOO HOO !!!! Now, a couple of nights ago Kitty and I were intrigued by a sport that is new to us ......

.....synchronized diving .... (excuse that lousy picture .... the MBIAJ photography dept tried to take a picture of the tv.... bunch of amatures!) ....anyhow ...synchronized diving!! I'm thinkin they spied on my friend Suzy and I at the Bungalow Pool in Tamaqua when we invented the synchronized cannonballs off the low diving boards back when we were kids!!(talk about your graceful splashes!)

So, just in case you're wondering .... no, Kitty did NOT win any Olympic medals .... she borrowed Evan's soccer medals and I think one was from the Science Fair (the school colors are red, white and blue because the mascot is "The Olympian" .... Jim Thorpe Olympians .... as in Jim Thorpe the Olympic Athlete ) ....anyhow, Kitty started thinking about all the fame and fortune that goes with being an Olympic athlete/gold medal winner ..... like....

...having your picture show up on BIG greeting cards ....

.....and t-shirts !!!! (Oh BROTHER !!! she's a nightmare as it is ..... just think if that really did happen there would be no living with her!!!)

By the way, that "Kitty" card and t-shirt were a fun surprise from my best pal, Beth .... THANKS BETH!!!!! Kitty and I LOVE them!!! (Beth and I have a significant birthday coming up WAY TOO SOON .... but Beth's birthday is 2 months and 12 days BEFORE mine so even though she sent me a card first she is still OLDER THAN ME !!!!HA!!! Anyhow,.... thanks again Beth and have a fun vacation !!!)

Well, as usual, I would rather get another cup of tea and visit with all of you here in Blogland a bit longer, BUT I must go and try and make my hair look presentable to head out the door for work.....

Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)


rachel griffith said...

oh my gosh...michael phelps is amazing!!! lol.

cute kitty gifts.

happy bday to yall both...a little early.

Dandelion Quilts said...

I have been pulling LATE nighters watching Phelps and swimmers and the gymnastic gals flip. Oh, and can I say that I did make a comment to my husband that your swimming cap could out style all the countries. :) I am a bit tired from all of these late nights. BIG birthdays ehe, do you have big plans?

Doe said...

The games are just to suspenseful for me to watch. I get so nervous for the guys. So I'll just wait for the news on tv or the paper for details. Yeah, I'm a wimp!

As usual, Miss Kitty is cute even though her head is getting bigger everyday from all the attention she's getting. Sheesh!

Dawn said...

Oh yes, we are all Phelps Phans!

And we love all of your Hello Kitty love. (We have an Hello Kitty phone that actually 'talks' when you push a button and for some wonky reason our cat loves to push the buttons and hear "Hello, kitty!" It just cracks our kids up!)

Elizabeth said...

Great blog you have here! I'll be sure to come back when I can stay awhile!

I do think the synchronized diving is pretty interesting!