Sunday, May 25, 2008

OK mud.....I'm ready for ya now!!!!!

How 'bout them boots?!?!?!

Yea, yea.... I KNOW I'm supposed to be SEWING, but I took a little break yesterday to meet my Sis for lunch and a bit of shopping at Target' (pronounced with a French accent please, as I only shop at the finest, most upscale establishments!!) .... anyhow , just LOOK at those boots!! Black and white polka dots on the outside and HOT PINK on the inside!!! ....AND waterproof and MUD PROOF !!! they oughta be able to stand up to ......

......THIS !!! and anything else the next rainy dirtbike race throws at me!!!

.....oh! and look what else my sister spotted at Target'....

......this looks like it could be our kind a book!!! It says it's a novel about "sewer pipes, pageant queens, and big trouble" ..... so I just had to buy it!!! It's by Laurie Notaro . Some of the other books she's written (none of which I've read yet ... but they do sound fun!) are "The Idiot Girls' Action - Adventure Club", "I Love Everybody (and Other Atrocious Lies)", "Autobiography of a Fat Bride", and my personal favorite "We Thought You Would Be Prettier" .....Sounds like some good summer reading to me !! WHAT A HOOT !!

OK, OK .... enough piddling around ..... back to ....

.....the sweat, I mean sewing room!!!

Be back soon ..... (hopefully with pictures of a FINISHED apron!)

Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Tipper said...

The boots are so cute! And I guess Kitty was to good for sewing!

Happy quilting!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Those are some fine looking boots you have there missy!!! Now let's see them on you!!!! LOL!!

susan said...

THOSE BOOTS..............i love them. we have a "tarjee" up in marquette. i like wearing boots to walk thru the wet grass and stuff. mark got the deck done and then he mowed a path and cut dead braches so i could walk down to the power line trail...beyond that is the tobin pit...full of water with lots of birds. i made it all the way to the powerline without much touble except i got some pretty nasty scratches from wild raspberries...figure they are from our patch via bird we are going for a drive and picnic. it is 60 already :-)