Saturday, May 26, 2007

It's Boop's Birthday Hat ! ! !

So...... what was that mystery project Betty and I and the rest of my staff were working on? It was my sister Boop's birthday hat (it's a chef hat , in case you can't tell by looking at it) --- and , look! there she is wearing her birthday hat today when we went out to lunch to celebrate --- (this picture makes her look like she's been celebrating a bit too much, but really, she wasn't -- just my lousy photography skills and she happened to close her eyes.) We also made her a matching apron, modeled by Erin (Boop's youngest daughter) in the 2nd picture. The 3rd picture is Boop in front of the Italian restaurant we ate at -- a very interesting kind of place -- lots of different rooms with different themes . The best was the Pope room -- they have a bust of the Pope on a lazy susan turn table thing in the middle of the table -- I did take a picture of it but goofed when I tried to post it --instead I accidently posted that picture of a sloshed - looking Boop again -- but that's OK -- that picture is worth a 2nd look !! HA !!!! (I know she'll get me for that!!!)

Mary Anne (aka Mare) (I'll see if I can find that "Pope Room" picture -- ya gotta see it!)

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