Friday, November 2, 2007

(sloppy) Sewing room Friday

While I was wandering around in Blogland, I came upon the "Sewing Room Friday" post on artsy crafty babe's blog. She says she came across it on a blog called Wee Bit Wonky. What it is, gals, is a challenge -- a challenge to show the world your sewing room in all it's glorious messiness when you're in the midst of a project (or 10 ). When the piles of stuff are piled high; when the piles of stuff are being moved from one flat surface to another; when you're searching under the piles of stuff for your fabric scissors, your pin cushion, your cup of tea, or the cat. So..... here's my "think tank/laboratory" on this "Sewing Room Friday" and the project I was working on. (note: in order for me to work on this project, a pile of stuff had to be moved from point "A ", i.e. that table, to point "B" , the ironing board. So now any ironing/pressing cannot happen until the pile of stuff is moved from point "B" to another location -- possibly point "C", my desk, which already has stuff sitting on it. ....AND, I now cannot sit at my desk to get paperwork done UNTIL the pile of stuff is moved from point "C", my desk, to possibly point "D", the floor , where , of course, there already is another pile of stuff waiting to be dealt with (I think those are bills that should be paid -- maybe I better deal with that pile first ?!? )

OK .... so, since we've been challenged to "Sewing Room Friday", I think we should go all out and do "Laundry Room Saturday" (I cheated because that's a picture of only some of the laundry that is waiting just for me in all it's smelly glory.) OH ! and how about "Gross Bathroom Monday"? (ummmmm, nah --- I don't think I'm that brave!)

Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Nan said...

Your description of moving piles from point A to point B, etc., is totally what I do! I actually spent time yesterday cleaning up a few piles, to make room for new piles! LOL Love you sewing room, by the way! And those pumpkins look adorable! Are you going to share with us what you're doing - I hope, I hope!
I have always called laundry 'job security'. Hah!

Busy Little Quilter said...

You're a brave woman, Mary Ann. Maybe I'll get brave this Friday and shoot pictures of my sewing room!

Laume said...

Just wandering in late from the Halloween party - hi. My studio/sewing room/guest room is currently the repository for everything that didn't have a home in the new rearranging of the house. So photos of it would be terrifying!

Guzzisue said...

I suspect there is no such thing as a tidy workspace! Even though mine is a major mess, I do know where almost everything is:) Love your autumn photos!