Tuesday, November 20, 2007

...and the WINNER IS ..........

It's here!! It's finally here !!! Tonight is the drawing for the Birthday Give Away !! We were all set to go .... all the names were put on little pieces of paper and put into the snazzy poodle gift bag .... we shook the bag to mix up all the little pieces of paper and then it was time to pick the winning name out of the bag .... but where was our little mistress of ceremonies? Well, Miss Daisy was having a Diva moment and wouldn't come out from under the bed (something about snacks not being what she asked for, blah, blah, blah....) Anyhow, with a little coaxing from Evan, Miss Daisy arrived on the set ready to pick the winning name .........AND......the winner is ...... Tamara !!!! Tamara, come on down!!! You have won all the goodies in the Birthday Give Away Goodie Bag!!!! (so, Tamara, email me your address so I can get all this fun stuff in the mail and on its way to you!) CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!

(P.S. Thanks to everyone who played along and for all of your nice comments and birthday wishes !!! You gals are the BEST !!!)

Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Red Geranium Cottage said...

Congrats to you Tamara!!! WOO HOOOO

Tamara said...

Oh please give Miss Daisy lots of extra treats today for picking my name out of the bag. That was great. ;-)

Nan said...

Congratulations to Tamara! I'm glad Miss Daisy came out from under the bed, too - love the pictures.
I hope you're still celebrating your birthday, Mary Anne!