Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Very Last Possible Minute Valentine's Day Mug Rug

So..... here is this year's Valentine's project  ..... put together at the very last possible minute ( well not quite ... I guess if it was 11:59 it would be the last possible minute ) .  Anyway , this is a simple, easy mug rug I put together really quickly when I really didn't have the time to step over and shove over piles of work I should be doing instead !)  

First I made 2 different size paper heart patterns.  The smaller heart is about 3/4 inch smaller all around than the larger heart.

I used pinking shears to cut out a red wool felt heart from the larger pattern. 

Next,  using the smaller heart pattern, cut out 2 fabric hearts and 1 heart out of batting. (I just had to use my I Love Lucy fabric !  Perfect for this project !! )

Layer the batting to the wrong side of one of the fabric hearts.

Next layer the fabric/batting combo on top of the other fabric heart , right sides together.

Now with 1/4" seam allowance , stitch all the way around the heart sandwich , through all 3 layers. 

Clip the curves and the point to make smoother turning.  Also, I found it helpful to trim the seam allowances around the curves for smoother turning and less bulk.  Careful not to cut into your seam !

Now pull the layers apart.....

and CAREFULLY cut about a 2 inch slit in the fabric heart .  Now turn the heart out to the right side through this slit.  No need to stitch up the slit since it will be covered by the wool felt heart. 

Smooth out your points and curves and press.

Last step :  layer your fabric heart (slit side down) on the wool felt heart.  Stitch 1/4" around the entire fabric  heart to attach it and quilt it.  You can stop there or  do more quilting on the fabric heart ( maybe more smaller concentric hearts or cross hatch) .

So there it is ..... my quick and easy Valentine Mug Rug !  Perfect with my I Love Lucy mug!!!  Happy sewing and Happy Valentine's Day !!!

Be back soon !!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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