Sunday, May 4, 2014

Batting that works like a charm !!!

I really really really like Mountain Mist Gold-Fuse  Baste Free FUSIBLE Cotton - Polyester Batting !!!!  ( and , No,  they do not pay me to say that ...... but if they want to, that would be nice !!) .  Anyhow,  so far , I have used this batting for the past four bed size quilts I have made .... and I love how they came out !!!   NO PUCKERS on the back !!!!!  I don't know if it's me, or my sewing machine (or possibly both of us cause neither one is a spring chicken anymore), but no matter how meticulously I lay out my quilt layers, and tape down the backing, and smooth out the layers, and pin every few inches using non - fusible batting,  I end up with smooshed up or puckered quilt backs as I'm machine quilting ( with a walking foot) ........ grrrrrrrr !!!!!    So, a few years ago,  I switched to Mountain Mist Gold- Fuse and I think I'll "stick" (no pun intended) with it !!! 
 This is what works best for me .....on our ping pong table in the basement,  I lay out and smooth the backing out;  then tape down the edges with blue painter's tape.  Then I spread out the fusible batting , trying to get out all the little wrinkles as best I can.  Then, the quilt top

 Next I loosely pin baste it to keep it together since I have to pick it up and take it upstairs to iron/fuse it .......( I have been tempted to just iron/fuse it on the ping pong table, but I'm pretty sure that wouldn't be a good idea)

 I start in the center , removing safety pins as I press out to the edges ....... shoving all wrinkles towards the edges.   When everything on the top is nice and smoothed out.......

I flip the quilt over and press the back......

....starting in the center and smooshing all the wrinkles out to the edges and off into the atmosphere......  When the back is smooth and wrinkle - free...

 I flip the quilt over and give the top one final press to smooth out any new wrinkles that may have popped up from pressing the back.  At this point, or at any point during the pressing,  you can pull the layers apart easily to do any readjusting you might need to do.

When it's all nice and wrinkle - free,  I loosely pin baste it again ( since I'm never sure just when I'll actually get around to doing the machine quilting).

...... and there it is ....... nice and crisp !!!!   Another fuse- basted quilt ready for machine quilting.
Now I haven't really had to buy this batting lately  since I bought about 6 rolls online a few years ago and still have one more roll left.  I'm guessing a lot of places might not carry it and you probably have to just "Google"  Mountain Mist Gold Fuse batting and see what comes up and who might carry it.  I really hope they still make this because I swear by the nice finished quilts I get when I use it.  If  any of you know where you can buy it could you leave a comment for me with the info ?  Thanks !!
Be back soon !
Mary Anne ( aka Mare)

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