Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What should this be ??? W.I.P Wednesday

Well here's (yet another ) work - in - progress.  Seems there's an endless supply of those around here !  I designed and stitched this a couple of YEARS ago as and Easter project ; then put it away ....... and dug it up today to try and think what to do with it .  It's not really big ... measures about 8 " x 8 " .   Guess I could make a (fill in the blank ???)    

Anyhow,  these are the ric rac polka dot painted wooden eggs I made even before the "what do I do with this " Easter stitchery  that inspired the Easter stitchery in the first place.   At least the ric rac polka dot painted eggs belong somewhere (i.e. in that Easter dish).

Speaking of Easter "dishes" ..... how about Lucy and Ethel !! (you can never go wrong with an ice bucket and a feed sack as Easter bonnets )
Since it's Wednesday .... and since this is a "work in progress" .... I'm linking up with the gang over at  W.I.P Wednesday
Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)


SarahZ said...

The stitchery is so sweet...maybe an embroidery hoop wall deco???

Emily Carnes said...

so sweet.... maybe the center of a log cabin block pillow? love the embroidery.

Emily at

Unknown said...

It reminds me of the old painting of the farmer standing by his wife. He's holding a pitchfork.