Monday, February 3, 2014

Another Snow Day

Well, it's snowing here at MBIAJ Headquarters .....again ......(sigh).   That groundhog wasn't kidding when he predicted 6 more weeks of winter .  This is the view outside of (and through) my kitchen window (with the dirty screen .....don't tell Martha Stewart that my screens were NOT washed last summer/fall).   Now don't get me wrong .... the snow is really pretty and I do love having snow in winter .... but about now, I'm getting ready to be done with shoveling .  Anyhow,  as pretty as the scene is outside of my windows .....

 ......I needed to see something other than white and gray (sky) I hauled out these "quilt as you go" blocks to work on for a little break from all that white !   How's that for a JOLT of bright colors !!!  AND speaking of  the coming of spring (were we? well, we are now....)

...LOOK at this FRESH and PRETTY fabric I bought at JoAnn's yesterday !!! This picture doesn't do it justice .... I just LOVE those bees !!!   AND the blue and yellow are so springy !!!!   I have no idea what I'll make ..... right now I'm just happy to look at it!
Well, fun time is over ..... the driveway needs to be shoveled...... yay.
Be back soon!,
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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