Sunday, April 7, 2013

Instant gratification Sunday - - Fabric Hoarding :)

So .... as usual ..... this is my Sunday (and  a good part of most days ....... stuck typing and typing and typing on my laptop trying , in vain, to catch up on the endless documentation that goes with the day job ......)  So, once again, no time for fun stuff like sewing.  But, in my continuous quest for instant gratification and staying connected with the sewing/quilting/ fabric world,  I continue to covet and buy FABRIC !!!!   YES ...... LOTS OF PRETTY FABRIC !!!  But, then of course, the problem becomes where to put all of it ........ could go with the Lucy /Ethel strategy of stuffing it in the back of the trunk of the car  or shoving it on a shelf in the back of some closet in the basement .......however,  no matter how sneaky you are with your fabric hiding techniques, you still risk ......

........being discovered .......(sigh)   (this cute cartoon was on Free Quilt Patterns  facebook page)

   Therefore,  you should always be prepared with this list of rationalizations,  reasons why your latest (and all previous) fabric purchases are well justified !  (this list is borrowed from Love, Heart, Home facebook page;  you can click on it to enlarge it )

  ......and, I for one will be using all of those reasons listed above to justify this current purchase of fun Italy themed fabrics (Va Bene by Dear Stella ) !!!  I have a major longing to go to Italy (my mother's parents came over "on the boat" from Italy and left many relatives there).  I LOVE and have watched "Under the Tuscan Sun" a zillion times and dream of staying in an Italian villa like in the movie. 

  Here's a close up of the Tuscany country side fabric .

 ......and some Italian villas.

....oh look !!! There's me zippping along on my Vespa through the Italian  countryside !!

.....oops .... still zipping along on the Vespa (because I can't seem to get this duplicate picture to delete ....)
ANYHOW,  so much for my instant gratification Sunday ..... time to get back to type, type, typing and trying , trying, trying to get caught up before Monday adds even more to the already huge stack of work I'm drowning in !  (UGH !!!)
Be back soon !
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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